Sunday, April 24, 2011

I am Pakistan!

I am Imran Khan.

I am Javed Miandad.

I am Wasim Akram.

I am Shahid Afridi.

 I am the Final at Melbourne.

I am the final at Lord's.

I am the last ball at Sharjah.

I am the twenty twenty cup.

I invented the reverse swing.

I mastered the multiple hat-trick.

They wouldn't let me play at home but- 

I am the Cornered Tiger.

I am the inventor of the doosra.

I am master of the reverse swing.

I am the Sultan of Swing.

I am the nightmare between wickets.

I am the 100 miles/hr Rawalpindi Express.

I am the fastest ball, the quickest hundred, the biggest six, the shattered stumps.

I am the passion.

I got further than anyone ever expected.

I am boom boom.

I am the unpredictable.

I am the 175 million hearts beating for one prayer.


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